Our Prices

When you choose to adopt a pet they become a member of your family and you want them to stay as healthy as possible.

That's why we keep our prices for preventive health care low so that your pet will have the best chance of living a healthy
and happy life.

Here is the answer to some of our most commonly asked questions referring to our prices:
Q. I have just adopted a new puppy/kitten. What vaccinations does he need and how much are they?
A. Your puppy needs to come in 3 times for vaccinations. Once a month for 3 months. 1st visit $130; 2nd visit $130;
3rd visit $135.
Your puppy will receive an examination and all the core vaccinations that are required for a puppy his age. If you have
paperwork of vaccinations given previously we will amend the vaccination protocol to your particular pets requirement, so
please bring them along with you to your appointment.
Your kitten needs to come in 2 times for vaccinations. Once a month for two months. 1st visit $130; 2nd visit $115.

Age of animalVisit 1 (7 - 11 weeks old)Visit 2 (12 - 15 weeks old)Visit 3 (15 - 20 weeks old)
Puppy Under 12 Weeks
3 separate visits spaced 4
weeks apart.
Typical ages for vaccinations
are 8 weeks, 12 weeks,
and 16 weeks of age.
Wellness Exam                          $70
Distemper 4-in-1 Vaccine        $35 Dewormer                                  $20
Puppy nail clip                           $5   
Wellness recheck exam            $35 Distemper 5-in-1 Vaccine         $55 (Includes Leptospirosis) Bordatella vaccine                     $35
 Puppy nail clip/face trim         $5   
Wellness recheck exam          $35
5-in-1 Vaccine Booster            $55
 (Includes Leptospirosis)
Rabies Vaccine                          $40
Puppy nail clip/facetrim            $5  
Visit 1 Visit 2 Add ons
Adult dog with no vaccine history. 2 separate visits spaced 4 weeks apart.Wellness Exam                       $70
Distemper 5-in-1                    $55 (IncludesLeptospirosis)
Bordatella Vaccine                 $35
Dewormer                               $20
Heartworm Test                     $30    
Wellness recheck exam          $35 Distemper 5-in-1 Booster      $55 (includes Leptospirosis)
 Rabies Vaccine                         $40  
* Heartworm Prevention is strongly recommended for ALL dogs during the Summer and Autumn in New York. Prices range depending on dog's weight. Heartgard (6 month) $40 - $60
Annual Adult dog vaccines
1 visit every year
Wellness Exam                      $70
Distemper 5-in-1 Vaccine    $55 (includesLeptospirosis)
Bordatella Vaccine                $35
Rabies Vaccine                       $40
Dewormer                              $20 Heartworm test                     $30  
For any dogs you have the option of splitting up the annual vaccines into two separate visits at no extra charge. This will decrease the chances of your pet experiencing a negative or allergic reaction to the vaccines. * All adult vaccines are 1 year vaccines unless otherwise stated. * Heartworm test not required if dog is on heartworm preventive all year round. *Fecal test is recommended for any dog with diarrhea. ($55)
Kitten Vaccines or Adult Cats with no history of vaccination. 2 visits spaced one month apart.Wellness Exam                         $70
FVRCP 4-in-1 Vaccine              $35
Dewormer                                $20
Kitten Nail Clip                          $5    
Wellness Recheck Exam         $35 FVRCP 4-in-1 Booster              $35 Rabies                                        $40
Kitten Nail Clip                          $5    
*Ear cleanings range $15 -
$40 depending on severity
and difficulty.
*Any required medications or
tests will be at an additional
cost and will be discussed
with the owner before
Adult Cat Annual Vaccines Wellness Exam                        $70
FVRCP 4-in-1 Vaccine               $35
 Rabies                                       $40
Dewormer                                 $20
 Nail clip                                     $25
Adult cats living strictly indoors that were vaccinated last year will receive the vaccinations every 3 years, however they still need an annual wellness exam.*It is strongly recommended
that newly adopted cats
should have a Felv/FIV blood
test performed before
mingling with your current
healthy cats. Felv/FIV test
*Any animal with diarrhea
should have a fecal exam
performed so please ask us
to give you a special
container that you can use to
collect a fecal sample. Fecal
test for parasites and Giardia

* Ear mites are a big problem among the kitten community. If ear mites go untreated they will cause a chronic ear infection
with pus accumulating deep in the ear canal and skull. Eventually tumors will grow in the ear canal that will need to be
surgically removed. Ear mites are contagious and must be treated quickly and effectively. At home treatments are not
effective so please bring your cat or dog in for an ear mite exam as soon as you notice any scratching or black debris in the
ears. Timely treatment will prevent the infection and the tumors.


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