Spay and Neuter

Your pet's comfort and safety during surgery is our number one priority. Before your pet's surgery, we perform a complete physical examination and conduct a series of blood tests ( if possible). allowing the veterinarian to know if major health issues are present before allowing you pet to be sedated and placed under anesthesia. 

Feline Neuter - $285

Feline Spay - $495

Canine Neuter - $550 - $750 (Price changes based on the dog's weight.)

Canine Spay - $615 - $1050 (Depending on dog's weight)

All pets would require a Physical Exam ($75) before a surgery appointment can be scheduled.

The listed prices for spay and neuter surgeries include Anesthesia, Surgery, Pain Medication, IV or SQ Fluids, Elizabethan collar if necessary, Antibiotics if necessary, Antinausea injection and any other medications necessary for a painless recovery.  Prices do not include Blood Work, Xrays, or the Examination charge.  Pre-surgical Exam is $75 and would be completed at a date prior to the surgery.


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