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Wellness Exam and Vaccinations
The staff at Value Vet Clinic will help you decide which vaccinations are right for your pet's lifestyle, and put you on a wellness plan.

Comprehensive Blood Work 
Results can be gained immediately using our in-house Idexx Vet Lab machine or sent out using the Idexx Laboratory.

Sick Patient Visits/Emergencies
Sick patients or emergencies can be seen during office hours at no extra charge than a normal exam. Walk-in patients are welcome.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery
We price our Spay and Neuter surgeries very low in an attempt to help the over-population issue in our local animal shelters.

Dental Cleanings and Extractions
We offer low priced dental cleanings under anesthesia, periodontal procedures and extractions when necessary. Each dental procedure is tailored to your particular pets needs and priced appropriately.

Digital X-rays and Digital Dental X-rays
We can view X-rays quickly and efficiently with our Idexx Digital X-ray Developer. Consultation with Radiologists at the AMC are available when necessary.

We offer a range of different Soft tissue surgeries including Mass Removals, Hernia Repair, Pyometra, Cherry Eye Surgery, Ear Hematoma Repair, Mastectomy, Eye Enucleation, Entropion and Ectropion Surgery, amongst other surgeries that may be necessary for your pet's well-being.

Humane Euthanasia and Cremation Services
If you have a dog that is getting old and sick, and all treatments seem to fail, it might be time to consider euthanasia. Let us be there for you in this difficult time. Our staff understands that it is a personal and tough decision, and that is why we want to be there throughout the service, and put your dog to rest with dignity.

Nurse Only Hours and Sunday Hours
Value vet clinic not only offers an array of different veterinary service we also offer nurse-only hours where the nurse can help you and relay the information to the vet when needed. She will be available to collect laboratory samples, recheck simple issues, and give advice on questions you may have to her best ability.

Direct Doctor Communication
The Doctor offers her Cell Phone number to all of her clients if they need to contact her via text after hours. So far this privilege has not been abused and she is happy to be available at times of need.


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