East Harlem, New York, NY

Are you looking for a low-cost veterinarian near you? Look no further, because Value Veterinary Clinic is located in Bronx, NY, and serves everywhere nearby, including East Harlem, NY! We have been providing local pet owners with the best quality low-cost veterinary services for many years. There is nothing we love more than seeing that all pets are in good health and well taken care of! Come by our veterinary hospital and see what we can do to improve your pet's health, or to give them an annual wellness examination.

Our veterinary hospital is well equipped with all the newest technology, and all of our veterinarians are licensed and insured, so you do not need to worry -- your pets are in good hands. Our professional veterinarians work hard to make sure that your pets get the best treatment when they visit us. At Value Veterinary Clinic, we have techniques to make the pet feel comfortable, even when they are being vaccinated -- something that can be quite scary for them. Your pet is your best friend, and that is why we will customize all our services to suit your best friend's care and give them the best treatment available!

Some of the services that we offer at Value Veterinary Clinic include: pet vaccinations, dental cleaning, regular dental checkups, and minor extractions; deworming and heartworm prevention; yearly wellness exams, weight checks, and diet and healthy nutrition advice; low-cost spaying and neutering, as well as other surgeries (including anesthesia); grooming and nail trims; and laboratory blood work. Our veterinarians are knowledgeable, and they keep up with advanced medication methods, so there is no time you will find them unprepared.

Our offices are open Tuesday through Thursday, 10am to 5pm, and on the weekends, we are available from 10am to 6pm. We take in all walk-ins, and you can also call us so that we can book you an appointment that works best for you. Let us give you the best quality services at a competitive price.